fredag 8. april 2011

On whining players and drunk driving

John plays a halfling named Horst. Horst is a monk/drunken master, and also half green dragon.

Last session the players assaulted the lair of Worscha the fiend-wyrm and his manticore sons, and enlisted the aid of a tribe of goblins and a flight of dire eagles. The eagles bore the party into aerial battle while the goblins pestered the wyrm with volleys of javelins.

Horst has wanted to open up a monestary for a long time. Being small of stature and tolerant of strange species, he has allways seen goblins as his equals, and the newfound alliance with their tribe opened up the possibility to recruit members for his monestary. He asks Kutyak the goblin chief permission to train three of the tribes strongest young men in the ways of drunken fighting. Kutyak complies, having long known Horst for being a fearsome warrior. Now Horst has his very own order of monks.

Peter plays a druid named Aran. Aran likes to train animals. He has trained the soldiers horses for war, has taught his dog to be a devil on the battlefield, and he now has his eye on the dire eagles. He wants to train them as mounts, and over time build an aerial cavalry to protect the town from it's enemies. But for this he need riders as well as steeds. Horst volunteers his monk order.

We discuss the prospect of eagle riding goblin monks for a little while. Images are conjured of eagles bearing whole regiments of tiny drunkards, dropping them like bombs on their enemies. Of aerial battles versus bat riding skymages, the goblins wrestling the enemy off their steeds or sending the bats tumbling to the ground with stunning fist attacks.

My conclusion is that alcoholic goblins riding birds ten times their size is something I want to see in my game. After an entire evening of hurtful words and whining because I wouldn't resurrect someones character, this is what makes me want to keep DMing.